The special feature of the Arris Fry Top Green Energy is the thermal inertia that is transmitted from the low-power heating elements to the cooktop. Our Arris technology allows us to use 25%-30% less power than equipment of the same size on the market. Thanks to the special composition of materials and thermal characteristics, an ENERGY SAVING of up to 50% can be achieved, excluding special temperature recovery time.

Exclusive advantages of FRY-TOP GREEN ENERGY

  • Respect for the environment
  • Energy saving at the same production rate
  • Uniformity of temperature on the cooking surface.
  • Absorption of thermal shock.
  • Protection of 'operator for less thermal radiation in the working environment.
  • Core probe with acoustic warning for perfect cooking.
  • Easy cleaning for labor cost savings.
  • Precise temperature management.
  • Baking surface that promotes natural non-stickiness of any type of product.

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