Arris Catering Equipment® began production in 1993 with an earlier version of this line. The current grill is now in its fourth edition, always improved and perfected. Mechanical GRILLVAPOR® still remains our best seller and is considered the most durable and reliable grill on the market, even when subjected to extreme working conditions. The mechanical GRILLVAPOR® features easy maintenance and extreme reliability.

The GRILLVAPOR® technology that we apply to our equipment is the only one that achieves the following benefits on food:

  • Better organoleptic results (compared to ovens, griddles, lava stone, etc.)
  • Less food weight loss (on average -20%)
  • Healthy and wholesome cooking (nutrients stay inside)
  • Faster cooking (+20%)
  • More vibrant and brilliant food colors

Our technical innovations also give you the following economic benefits:

  • Temperature uniformity on the cooking surface
  • Easy cleaning
  • Improved absorption of thermal shock
  • High reliability over time

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