An unique system

Overgrill® is the new, exceptional version of Grillvapor with double overlapping grill and core probe: it cooks in half the time and with fewer controls than a traditional grill, consumes much less for the same cooking time and reduces food weight loss. With Overgrill® it is also no longer necessary to turn foods during cooking, it adapts to the thickness of foods up to 60 mm in height, and it is easy to use: thanks to the intuitive control panel that allows you to adjust the temperatures of the two grills independently, it allows you to heat only the upper grill for grating or only the lower grill as in the Grillvapor.

Electronic Control Panel

The new, practical and intuitive electronic panel that makes Overgrill® easier to use, more flexible and safer than traditional grills. In fact, the new controls allow precise control of the power output, and in addition, the gas versions have a system that keeps it constant even in the presence of pressure variations in the supply. In the electronic versions, water loading is automatic; moreover, an exclusive Arris prerogative, it is possible to cook using the temperature probe.


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