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We as Arris Catering Equipment® specialize in the production of professional gas and electric grills for both Traditional and Modern Commercial Catering. Our products are made of the highest quality materials, constantly tested in the production phase, complying with current laws and regulations on safety, hygiene and prevention, certified according to EEC directives.


1993 - The Calzavara family, creators of the patented Grillvapor® & Overgrill® technology, founds Arris Catering Equipment.

1996 - Change of headquarters and increase of production unit.

2007 - Expansion of the production unit at the current site in Cadoneghe.

2012 - The first gas and electric grills in digital version are designed and produced.

2013Overgrill® is introduced a new model of grill that once again changes the way of cooking by speeding up cooking times and decreasing waste in the kitchen.

2014 - Introduction of Arris chefs in order to improve and personalize the consulting service towards the end customer and in support of dealers.

2016 - Overgrill® is completely redesigned for increased productivity with the same consumption and easier cleaning.

2019 - The range of cooking products is expanded with the production of energy-efficient fry-tops.

Our philosophy

We are specialists in grilling systems. We always offer the best solutions to our customers by increasing the softness and taste of food through the high quality of our products and our Grillvapor® and Overgrill® technology.

We develop designs to solve the specific needs of grill cooking.

We are leaders in this type of equipment in technology and quality.

Sample interviews indicate maximum customer satisfaction values.

Our technology

Arris Catering Equipment has designed and patented the GRILLVAPOR® cooking system, which combines precisely controllable high temperatures with the gentle hydration of cooking surfaces. Thanks to the patented Arris Grillvapor® technology, which only Arris can produce and which is applied on all our GRILLVAPOR® & OVERGRILL®, weight loss (-20%) and mass loss are reduced to increase the portions of cooked food, bringing great economic benefits to those who use Girillvapor®. Arris Grillvapor® technology allows faster cooking (+20% on average compared to traditional grilling systems) and enables healthy cooking while keeping food colors alive. The patented Arris Grillvapor® technology, thanks to the special cooking system, also enhances the flavors and organoleptic characteristics of foods, eliminates the use of oils and seasoning fats for additional cost savings.


The Grillvapor® technology that we apply to our equipment is the only one that allows: 

  • Faster cooking
  • Better organoleptic results (nutrients remain inside)
  • Less food weight loss (on average -25%)
  • Healthy and wholesome cooking
  • Better heat shock absorption
  • Savings in production costs


Innovative construction design allows:  

  • Energy savings
  • Labor cost savings
  • Uniformity of firing
  • Temperature management with core probe
  • Better thermal shock solution
  • Better safety systems
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