Complete control of the cooking process

With the monoblock integrating a positive temperature holding unit -2°C/+8°C or negative temperature "freezer" -15°C/-20°C with Overgrill® and/or Grillvapor® stacked cooking zone


Flexible: available in various sizes and solutions for each specific cooking need, the base can be mounted on wheels for easy cleaning.


Productive: maximum productivity, less waste by eliminating time to retrieve food from the refrigerator or "freezer". Reduce cooking time of any food to 50% and reduce labor cost.


Footprint: the best performance and functionality in the smallest footprint from 0.72 to 1.44 sq. m.


Storage: holding units are available with Gastronorm 1/1 pull-out drawers.


Retaining unit features:

  • Exterior/interior AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Reinforced structure with 3 mm thick stainless steel cooking zone support surface
  • Insulation thickness 60 mm CFC/HCFC Free
  • Rounded inner and outer corners
  • Replaceable magnetic seals
  • Anti-condensation system drawer frame (negative unit)
  • SISI 304 stainless steel runner racks removable without tools for easy cleaning
  • Ventilated refrigeration
  • Anti-corrosion treated evaporator
  • Tropicalized condensing unit. Guaranteed operation up to +43°C ambient
  • Soundproofed motor compartment
  • Automatic hot gas defrosting
  • Automatic condensate evaporation
  • HCCP compliance
  • 2 mm thick stainless steel drawer handles
  • Stainless steel swivel castors
  • Simple and intuitive electronic control panel
  • High temperature alarm
  • Maximum temperature storage
  • Right-hand motor as standard, can be mounted on the left upon request.


Cooking equipment features:

  • Possibility to install all Overgrill® and Grillvapor® versions with possible neutral worktop


Monoblock 1300x900 complete with positive temperature holding unit -2°C/+8°C - 2 GN1/1 pull-out drawers- condensate drain and evaporation tray on right side technical compartment - power consumption 564W /3,1A/ 230V/ 50Hz - R404a with overlay No. 2 GE 519 EL TOP Overgrill and 300p> neutral worktop


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